Vol. 1 January 2010


Welcome to the first issue of my monthly marketing journal. For those of you who were receiving my weekly Survival Tips Bulletins, I have already told you in the last issue that I would be switching to monthly updates and here's why:

I don't think it is of any use to either of us for me to send you a daily or weekly e-mail trying to sell you some useless information product just to make a few dollars I want to provide you with useful information that you can use to improve your chances of making extra money to build your business and I don't want to wear out my welcome. You have shown enough interest in what I have to say by signing up to my list and I'm not going to abuse the privilege of being able to contact you, just because you gave me your e-mail address...

I decided to title this publication, "Bey's Straight Talk Marketing Journal" because most of the information that I pass along to you will be based on my own experience, just as it was in my weekly e-mails. I want to keep things simple, straight forward and to the point. I will continue to let you in on my marketing campaigns and the results that I get from each one. I think that this is the best way I can help you by providing you with real world marketing information. This way I will not be giving you some theory, but hard proven facts. Now, let me tell you what I've been doing recently.


For those of you who received the Survival Tips Bulletins, you may recall that I told you that back in August of 2006 I got myself into over ten thousand dollars of credit card debt. I purchased the licensing rights to several marketing related info products. The problem for me was that financially, I was in way over my head.

Although these were excellent ever green marketing products produced by marketers who walked the walk as well as talk the talk, my problem was these were mostly high ticket marketing products, and I had no money to market these products. So I had to struggle to keep the business alive and also pay off my credit card debt. It was a long hard road, and an expensive lesson to learn, but I was able with the help of others to pull myself out of the hole.

However as a result of this investment, I have a line of superior info. products that I own the rights to and now I can continue to make my investment back by using what I have learned over the past several years.


This is basically a brief review of my marketing activities in the past two years.


As I said I was very fortunate to have a lot of help from others. Charles Norman has played a major role in helping me to survive. With out his help I would have had a very difficult time getting a web site set up to offer a unique dealership to offer my marketing products. If you want to see the excellent work that charles does, you can visit my sites at:

If you want your own web site at reasonable rates you should contact Charles at:
1-434 933-4510.


I mailed the offer for my dealership to my in-house list. I sold my dealership for $97.00 and made a small profit which I used to place some classified ads to generate leads for my dealership. I didn't have much success selling it at $97.00 so, I offer it now for $47.00 from my web site.


This is another service that Charles Norman offers at reasonable rates. Writing articles is an excellent, no cost marketing tool. When you place your articles on E-Zine articles, you can tell if any of your articles are being read because they will send you a monthly report on how many click throughs your articles got in the last month. I'll go a little more in depth in the next issue on how you may maximize this free marketing tool. Well, that's it for now. Your questions, comments and input are appreciated. You can contact me directly at:

or I answer my phone calls personally at: 1-412 363-7187 Look for more helpful marketing lessons next month.

Greg Bey  

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