Vol. 11   January 2011

How I Use a Telephone to Gather Leads

Welcome to another issue of the Straight Talk Journal. In the last issue I started sharing my progress, or lack thereof, from last year. I want to continue . . .

My overall plan last year was to begin shaping the type of relationship I wanted to build with my list...

My first step was to take a careful look at what other ezine marketers were doing. What I did was sign up for some of the special offers that other marketers were making to get subscribers for their lists.

Starting from the beginning, I considered what offers attracted me and why I was interested in them. In other words as a marketer what was I looking for in a offer.

This way I could get an idea as to how I wanted to attract potential subscribers to my list.

What I myself was looking for depended on what stage I was in at that time. I had to ask myself, what was it exactly that I wanted to accomplish? I'm not talking about just making money, we all understand that the purpose of building a list is to make money from that list.

My main interest was to provide good, beneficial information to the people who trusted me enough to give me their email address. At all costs I wanted to avoid blasting them with worthless, over-hyped sales pitches that would really be of no use to them, just to make a few dollars.

After doing the research on offers that other marketers were making I decided to continue to do what I had already been doing with my weekly Survival Tips Bulletins.

I also decided to send out a monthly issue instead of a weekly issue. So, this is something that I did accomplish.

Most marketers who market products about how to make money think that you should mail to your list every day. But my own personal feeling is there are very, very few marketers talented enough to keep their subscribers interested in reading their emails every day.

So I felt that the best thing for me to do was to continue providing my subscribers with the results of my own marketing campaigns - how I was going about doing them, and what results I ended up with from my efforts.

I changed the name of the ezine to 'Bey's Straight Talk Marketing Journal' and that's what I want to provide to the subscribers of this journal - some Straight Talk!



Oh, I forgot to mention that I got another domain name that I felt would relate to what I was trying to do, the name is: My partner, Charles, thought the name was too long, and he's probabley right, but I thought the name best described what I was trying to do.

But here's what happened last year:

Because of technical problems, efforts to increase the size of my list came to a stand still, and I probably lost most of the subscribers I had. As a result I really lost focus with my online list building strategies.

On the other hand, I did fairly well with my offline marketing strategies. As you may already know, I use small classified ads in print publications to generate leads.  

My biggest problem is continuing to follow up with these leads. Over the past twelve months I have generated over 500 leads using small classified ads and a voice mailbox. I have even gotten people to send as much as $10.00 directly from a small 20 word classified ad in a print publication.

Overall, my online marketing efforts for 2010 were very poorb but I managed to keep things going. And for 2011 I plan to stick to my list building strategy through getting potential subscribers to sign up to receive my monthly journal.

The main thing that I want to do is attract the people who I can really help. I'm not interested in building a huge list of subscribers just to say that I have thousands of people on my list. That doesn't mean very much if most of the subscribers don't even open your email. They end up being just a number sitting on your list. Big numbers may sound good, but if most of them are not really interested in your offers, you're not going to profit from those thousands of subscribers.

The main thing I try to keep in mind when it comes to list building is knowing what my subscribers really want, and then creating or obtaining products that they can use to help them to reach their goals.



I don't know if you've noticed, but many of the top marketers are using the telephone as a part of their marketing strategies. Why are they doing this? Because no matter how much marketers automate their marketing plans, it's the marketer who understands the importance of the personal touch who will sell more of their products and services.

For example as I explained before I always use a phone number in all of my ads. I have an ad running now in a print publication, this ad is for an affiliate program for the Jim Straw program, "You Can be a Millionaire in one Year" Here's what the ad says:

MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Jim Straw Reveals Trade Secrets! 1-412 363-7187

Now, those few words don't tell you much however, the words make some people curious enough to call the phone number to find out more about the offer. When they call the number, I answer the phone and tell them a little more about the offer. I then invite them to visit the web site and ask them if they would like me to send them some information through the mail. Most of the callers will say yes. This way I can add their name to both my offline mailing list and online list.

If I didn't have my phone number there, I would lose out on getting that valuable information. Even if you consider yourself strictly an Internet marketer, you might want to give some thought to how you can add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. The new year gives us all the time to reflect back and to look forward, I hope we all are able to make progress in the next twelve months.



I'm constantly looking for ways to benefit my subscribers. Here's 50 free business building ebooks to help get you started right for the new year. Enjoy!



Greg Bey  

P.S. If you are a serious marketer looking for a little Straight Talk advice to help improve your marketing education, you can give me a call at: 1-412 734-5844 and listen to my recorded message to see if I can be of any help to you.  

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