Vol. 25   -   January 2012

Opportunity Overkill

In the last several months I have received several phone calls from marketers trying to pitch their money making opportunity to me.

Most of these calls have been from people who are involved in some kind of Network Marketing or MLM opportunity.

I am a prime target for these marketers because I advertise in print publications and my phone number is in most of my ads.

One of the marketing strategies that is taught in many MLM companies is to contact people who are already advertising some kind of opportunity and try to get them involved in the MLM program as part of a down line.

The idea here being, if some one is already advertising a product or service it is easeier to talk them into getting involved in another "great" money making offer.

The conversation usually starts with the caller asking me more about my offer. Then they start to ease into telling me about the program they are currently involved in.

Of course, they begin to tell me how this is the greatest program of it's kind that has come along in years.

Then they flatter me by telling me that I sound like a real intelligent guy and that I could probably do real well with this program.

Then I sit and listen while they go on about how much money their upline leaders are making.

If what I hear sounds reasonable, I tell them that I have an ezine newsletter and I am always looking for legitimate opportunities to tell my readers about.

Many of these programs use a weekly teleseminar as a marketing tool. They invite me to call in and listen to the call.

Here are a few of the programs I checked out last month.

The Cash Tracking System

This is a gifting program. As you may already know, most gifting programs are illegal. But there are some legitimate gifting programs.

This program has been around for about ten years and is consider to be a legal program.

The main marketing strategy seems to be  to contact people and see if they are able to gift $500, and then get others to do the same. They tell you that the main benefit of this program is when you get someone to enroll in the program, you will receive a $500 payment the next day, delivered to your door by Federal Express.

They suggest that you use the warm market method by calling friends, co-workers and anyone else you may know who wants to have $500 delivered to them over night. Personally, I stay away from gifting programs even if it does seem to be legal.

Finding Unclaimed Funds

There is a free government web site that provides any one the opportunity to see if there are unclaimed funds in their name.

You simply go to this web site, click on the state you live in, type in your name to see if you are owed any unclaimed money.

Two marketers came up with an idea to use this free government site to offer a money making opportunity.

Now, it's not legal to use this free government web site to locate people who may be owed unclaimed money and tell them that you will tell them how to get the money if they give you a cut of the money.

So these two marketers came up with another way to use this site to offer a money making opportunity .

What people do who join this program is use the site to find unclaimed money for people they may know, contact them to tell them they have unclaimed money, invite them to join the money making opportunity and make even more money helping others find unclaimed money.

The cost to join the program is, $59 and you get some bonus gifts when you sign up.

The truth is, there is no real product here, just making people aware of the possibility of finding unclaimed money and inviting others to join the program.

The Empower Network

This is a hot new program that has just hit the Internet.

The main benefit of this MLM program is to offer a platform for all marketers to offer their products or services through blogging. To enter at the lowest level of the program you pay $25 per month and receive a "ready to go" blog. All you have to do is post to your blog on a regular basis to, hopefully, get more customers to buy your product or service.

They tell you that the Search Engines love blogs because when you post to your blog you are creating new content and the Search Engines are always looking for new content.

On the next level, you pay $100.00 per month to access interviews with marketing experts that will help you with fresh ideas to improve your marketing results.

To enter at the highest level of this program you pay a one time $500 fee to receive a video of a seminar that was held on some island and attended by some big time marketing Gurus.

I personally don't see the big deal here but the buzz is, this one is going to be big. We'll see what happens. What are your plans for 2012? Want a solid offer, from a true expert? Go here:

Until Next time...

Greg Bey  

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