February 2009

Internet Marketing Strategies - Part 2

Here's another lesson  I've learned about Internet marketing and about marketing in general. As I said before, I have thousands of dollars worth of excellent marketing info products. I have three web sites that are set up to offer and sell these products.

Now, no matter how good I may think my products are, if no one visits my web sites I won't make any sales. This is why it is so important to learn and apply sound marketing strategies.

So you see, no matter how good a product or service may be, if you don't develop a marketing strategy to reach the potential customers who want what you have to sell, your product or service is worthless.

I hope you understand the importance of what I'm saying here. I've said it before and I want to repeat it here: It's The Best Marketer Who Wins At This Game! Now, I'm not an Internet Marketing expert but I understand very well that if I don't develop a strategy to get targeted visitors to come to my site, I might just as well take it down because with out targeted visitors, it's just a waste of money.

 Next time, I'll bring you up to date on what is going on with some of my off-line classified ads.

Classified Ads Update

Before I talk about the classified ads, let me just bring you up to date on my credit card debt.

If you'll remember I invested $10,000 to purchase the licenses to my current line of info products. I purchased these licenses in August of 2006. The only means that I had to pay for these licenses was with a credit card. I went against my own advice that I had given in many articles and reports - never use a credit card unless you can pay off the loan in two or three months.

What I did was let a salesman talk me into using a $10,000 limit I had on a credit card to invest in these products.

The reason that I took the chance, and spent money on these products was that I knew the company that offered these products. The real reason I purchased the products was that I Wanted The Products!

 I hope you took note of the valuable marketing lesson that I just gave you:  With the encouragement of a salesman, and because I Wanted the products bad enough, I was willing to put myself into $10.000 worth of debt!  I let the salesman talk me into thinking I would be able to pay off the investment very quickly because he was going to help me. I took the bait Hook, Line and Sinker!

The marketing lesson here is: If some one wants something badly enough they can usually be talked into getting it. Of course, things didn't turn out the way I thought they would, and I found myself deep in debt. I'm still working my way out, little by little.

At this point I have worked my debt down to a little over $4000. and at my current rate I should have that $4000 pained off in about ten months.

Now this was an expensive lesson for me to learn, but all is not lost, I do have some excellent products to offer, and I have gained a wealth of marketing lessons from some of these products. It may take me a while longer, but in the long run I will make my full investment back, and a whole lot more. All I need to do is apply what I have learned about marketing from these products.

I didn't give you the update on the classified ads, so next time let me move on to that subject.

New Classified Ads Update

As I finished off the last $100 of my marketing budget, I received a notice from an opportunity magazine reminding me that it was time to place an ad for the upcoming issue.

The notice also said that because of the current economic down turn it was a good time to place an ad. People will be reading the magazine looking for money making opportunities.

I passed on placing the ad because I had placed ads in two other opportunity magazines and was waiting to see what kind of response I would get from those ads. Also, I had spent the last of my marketing budget on those ads.

Now, the ads that I placed about 60 days ago are currently running.

The ad that I placed in Money Making Opportunities is working very well so far. For the first 12 days I am getting about four to five calls on my voice mail each day. This is from a tiny 12 word classified ad. So far on the other two magazines I have gotten zero calls. These were the two magazines that I spent the last of my marketing budget on.

I got a call from an ad broker offering me a special discount if I placed my ad for three months. I thought it was a good deal so I went for it. Now, if these ads don't work the first month, I can kiss my money goodbye. Why? Because my experience has taught me if the ad doesn't work the first month it's all over, they won't work for the next two issues of those publications either.

So, here's another tip: Don't get sucked into running an ad for an extended period of time in any publication until you test it just one time, no matter what the ad broker offers you.

I should have placed my ad in the publication that I knew would work with the ad I was running. But I passed on it, thinking that the two for one deal was better. I made a big mistake.

Next I'll talk about the offer in my current ad.

Here's My Current Offer

I am using the classified ad that has been working well for me in the opportunity market place. You know, the one with the head line:


But since my ad was only twelve words I had to make some slight changes to make it work with twelve words.

I changed the headline a little to say: FREE REPORT! DO ANY OF THOSE MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES REALLY WORK? and then I put in the phone number to make up the twelve words.

The number of my voice mail is: 1-412 734-5844. When people call they hear a recording thanking them for calling and then telling them what my offer is and then telling them if they want free details, they should leave their name and address after the tone.

Now here's what I do: Remember I told you I was going to take the first 52 Survival Tips Bulletins and make a complete info product by putting them on a CD-ROM? Well, this is what I did, and there are also some bonus reports on the CD-ROM.

Now, here's the thing, I can use this CD-ROM as a free give away, sell it on Clickbank for $10 to $12, or just use it as a bonus for some other offer. The point is: I took the time to create a unique info product I can use to build my list and give people who receive it some helpful marketing tips with my own personal touch. If you would like to receive this CD-ROM to use as a lead generator or free bonus  send $10 to: Gregory H Bey, 7023 Hermitage St, Pittsburgh PA 15208.


Greg Bey  




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