Vol. 13    March 2011

How to Profit From a New Idea

Welcome to the March issue of the Straight Talk Journal. It's hard to believe we're already in the 3rd month of the year.

I have been reviewing what I have planned for the first part of this year. Every three months, I try to remember to evaluate what I'm doing to see if I have been staying on track with my projects that I planned for the first three months of the year.

One of the best ways I have found to keep track is to make a simple check list. I got the idea from one of the e-zines that I receive.

It really makes things a lot easier for me to get things done.

What I do each night is take my little hand held digital recorder and record my check list for the following day. When I get up in the morning I go over my check list and start on the first item on the list. Sometimes I get everything done and other days, I don't. What I don't get done just goes on the list for the next day.

Now, if I have a long term project I'm working on I try to do a little work on it each day until I get it done.

Recently I've been working on gathering information about work-at-home jobs. A few months ago I placed a small classified ad offering information about work-at-home jobs. This ad was placed in an off-line print publication. I asked for a small fee to receive this information. I received a fairly good response from the ad.

The response from this classified ad made me realize that there is a lot of interest in work-at-home jobs by people who are reading business opportunity magazines. So, I signed up for a Google news alert on this subject.

I also did some keyword research on subjects like:

Work at home jobs Home employment opportunities Home based data entry jobs Home based call center jobs Legitimate home based jobs

I also did a search on some of these keywords to see the highest ranking sites that would come up on these keywords.

Now, the information I've gathered from my research tells me that this is a hot topic right now and will likely be for a long time to come.

The next thing I needed to do is decide what would be the fastest way to profit from this hot trend. Here's what I came up with so far...

I could go to the highest ranking sites on this subject and sign up for their affiliate programs. Then, I could write some Blog posts on this subject, insert my affiliate links in the Blog posts and see what happens.

To get this project going I will make a check list on the things I need to do each day to get it done.

This is just a brief idea of how YOU can get a project going and your marketing costs would be zero... What do you think? You might even want to give it a try.


Greg Bey  

P.S. If you are a serious marketer looking for a little Straight Talk advice to help improve your marketing education, you can give me a call at: 1-412 734-5844 and listen to my recorded message to see if I can be of any help to you.  

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