April 2009

 Even More on Article Marketing

It is very important when marketing with articles to have a clear strategy in mind. What do you want to accomplish?

Yes, I know the ultimate goal is to be able to make more sales, but how are you going to use articles to help you to make more sales?

In order to give you an idea of what I'm trying to get across, let me lay out my plan to use articles to market the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest.

First, I choose this product because it has mass appeal. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have heard the name, "eBay." They know that people use eBay to make extra money.

Because we are currently in a world wide economic down turn that is likely to last for some time to come, this info. product will be of interest to more and more people around the world.

So, my over all strategy is to use articles about making money with eBay using my own unique approach. Since I am not an expert on eBay my first task before writing any articles is to do some serious research on this subject. What I'm going to do is use the awesome power of the Internet to get started with my research, and then report back to you.

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eBay Article Writing Strategy Part 1

To start my article research about making money with eBay I did a search on Google. I simply typed in "eBay Articles"  I wanted to see what would come up in the search results. I also signed up for Google News Alerts for the subject of eBay. This way I get the latest news about eBay sent directly to my e-mail in-box.

Next, I also tapped into the wealth of information on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM.

The questions I wanted to answer through my research were:

  1. What subjects concerning eBay are being written about the        most.

  2. What subjects are coming up most in the search results? Where        are the results coming from, Blogs, News Letters, News Papers?

  3. How will this help me to formulate my strategy?

Next I'll have to figure out how I'm going to use the information I gathered to fit into my strategy.

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eBay Article Writing Strategy Part 2.

It can be a real challenge for a person with a visual disability to research, gather and organize information. So, I decided that I needed to  formulate a step-by-step plan to tackle this project.

I decided to type up a list of each step that I would need to take and the order I would have to follow to get the job done. Here's the list that I came up with:

Step #1  I needed to have a clear understanding of what I want to accomplish with my article writing strategy.

Since eBay is such a gigantic enterprise that millions of people access every day I needed to choose my niche out of this huge market place.

This is not hard for me to do because the product that I'm marketing is an info product that is largely targeted to people who would be interested in learning how to make extra money with eBay auctions.

Step #2  Research other articles, blogs, newsletters and forums related to selling on eBay. The Internet makes it very convenient to access these resources.

Step #3  Put it all together. As I said before, I would need some unique twist to attract people who are interested in this subject to read my articles This could be something as simple as the heading of my articles. Here's what I mean:

Several years ago I wrote some articles that were targeted to mail order beginners. I used a heading for all of my articles that said: "Common Cents" Then I would put the title of the article.

When people read the mail order publications,  this heading identified me as the author of that article.

Since I'm not an eBay expert, I will have to piggy back on the knowledge of real eBay experts and others who have had success selling on eBay.

So through my articles I have to position myself as a researcher providing helpful information I gathered from eBay experts.  Next comes the hard part.

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eBay Article Writing Strategy Part #3

After the first part of the research is done, the hard part for me is Putting it all Together. First I want to give some serious thought to using a heading for all of my eBay articles that would be targeted to my niche.

I would have to make my heading be related to solving a problem Here are some headings that I have been considering:







If I decide to use a heading, I think I'll use: "eBAY INSIGHTS" because then I could write about anything that was eBay related. I also have to keep in mind when writing articles placed on the Internet,  that you want the search engine spiders to find your articles. So, you would want to use targeted key words relating to your main topic.

Since my articles will be targeted mainly to new eBay sellers, I need to find out the biggest problems new sellers have in setting up their auctions. Since one third of the items posted on eBay don't sell this would be a good place to start. Many of the info products on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" are related to solving this problem, I already have the information  i need to write several articles.  All I need to do is take the information that I need from the reports on the CD. This will cut way down on the research I need to do to put together a series of articles related to improving auction sales. This is a perfect example of piggy backing because I already have all of the information I need to write the articles. So now all I need to do is produce a series of at least five articles teaching people how to improve their auctions using the info products that are already on the CD.

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