Vol. 4 April 2010

Well, here we are in the 4th month of the year already. Time seems like it is just flying by. Of course, the older you get the quicker the time passes. That's why it is so important to understand that we shouldn't waste this precious gift, because when we neglect the present moment,  you can't go back and retrieve it.

When you are working at home alone, it's easy to let the time get away from us and avoid doing the things that we don't want to do. However, if you're going to have any success in your business, it's best not to procrastinate and put things off just because you don't like doing them.

I once read some where the saying: "PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME" and I couldn't agree more. I have a friend who is always putting things off and saying he'll get to them later. His biggest problem is, he is always playing catch up and then he is always making excusers for not getting things done on time.

Wasting time and putting things off can be a big stumbling block to success for the home business entrepreneur. Time management is a subject that I personally need to pay a lot more attention to. What about you?

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The Home Business Opportunity Market is reaching a "Fever" pitch. Over the years, going back to 1991, I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of money making opportunities and related products. This has caused my name to be on many mailing lists as a repeat buyer. This makes me a valuable lead for home business opportunity sellers to pitch their offers to.

You may not have experienced this, but there are people who get paid a commission to work the phones and call people who have purchased a money making opportunity at one time or another.

Right now, I am getting one or two calls every day from people trying to sell me on some get-rich opportunity. Let me describe the way most of the calls go. You should pay special attention because this is a marketing lesson in itself.

The caller says: "Hello Gregory, how are you feeling today." I usually say, "alright." Then the caller says: "Your name has come across my desk as someone who is interested in starting a business from home, is this still true?"

Now, the rest of the call will depend on how I answer the question. Now, if I say: "No, I'm really not interested in anything at this time." The experienced, well trained tele-marketer will say: "Alright, you have a nice day." Then they will move on to the next prospect.

On the other hand, the inexperienced, not so well trained tele-marketer will ask: "Would you be interested in learning about how to make another stream of income that will only take about two hours of your time a day or week?"

Now, here's the marketing mistake that the tele-marketer makes: When some one says, "NO" I'm not interested." Rather than try to pitch the program to some one who says they are not interested, the tele-marketer should move on until they find some one who says they are interested. Why? Because the tele-marketer is going to waste seven to ten minutes trying to convince some one who has already said that they are not interested in the opportunity, no matter what it is. Doesn't it make more sense to talk to a person who says they want to hear about the opportunity rather than try to convince some one who is not interested in the opportunity?

The problem with the inexperienced tele-marketer is that they let their ego get in the way and think that they are so good at selling that they can get any one to buy into the opportunity even if the person has already told them that they are not interested.

You should keep this in mind in your lead generating strategy, always qualify your leads, it's far better to pitch your offer to an interested party instead of wasting valuable time trying to convince some one who doesn't want to hear or read what you have to say.

Now, some tele-marketing programs teach people that they train that the longer that they can keep people on the phone, the better the chances of making a sale. However, as I said, you have a far better chance of making a sale to a prospect who wants to hear more about your offer.

Just the other day I talked to a tele-marketer who spent almost an hour trying to sell me on his opportunity. I actually told him at least three times that I didn't want to waste his time because I really was not going to buy into his opportunity but he didn't want to hear that I wasn't interested in his offer. He thought that he was such a good salesman that if he could keep me on the phone long enough that he would break me down and get me to spend money for his opportunity.

What he didn't realize was I only kept talking to him because I wanted to see how much time he would waste talking to some one who had already told him that they were really not interested in his opportunity. He lost the battle of wills, got frustrated and finally gave up the fight. He let his ego get in the way and wasted all of that time when he could have been talking to four or five other prospects who may have been interested in his opportunity.

The moral of this story is, learn how to target your market and only make your offer to those who have shown an interest in what you're trying to sell.

There are so many sales people who have the wrong idea about selling, they think their job is to make people buy something that they don't want or need rather than find the people who want what they have and prove to them that they should do business with you rather than your competition.


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There has been a lot of controversy about the new health bill that has just been passed by congress. Some say it's good and long over due. Others say it's bad and costs too much money and will contribute to bankrupting the government (the government is already bankrupt.)

However, I can tell you this for sure, there are savvy entrepreneurs who will take advantage of the changes that this health bill will bring to make a lot of money. Experienced entrepreneurs know that when a major change takes place that is going to effect millions of people, there are going to be many opportunities to make some big bucks.

Right now, most people don't really know what's in this bill and how it is going to effect them. Now, if you're willing to take a little time and do some research, you can profit from this dilemma. Here's how:

If you're not already signed up for Google Alerts, go to Google and sign up for Google Alerts. Just have Google send you alerts on The New Government Health Bill.

There are going to be thousands of news releases and articles on this subject. Now, there are several ways that one can profit from this problem.

Since this health care bill is so massive and there are so many parts to it and it will effect different people at different income levels and different ages the best way to go about creating an information product on this subject would be to choose a niche, and then plan your strategy to attack that niche with your information product that will solve the problem of that niche. Now that I've given you this great idea with the potential of making some serious money, I'm going to rush on over to Google and sign up for a news alert on this subject. What are you going to do? Until next time, stay alert, there are opportunities all around you every day all you have to do is be ready to take advantage of them!

Greg Bey  

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