May 2009

 eBay Marketing Set Back

As I was choosing material for writing my eBay articles from the reports on the "eBay millionaire Treasure Chest" I ran into a problem. When I tried to cut and paste part of a report I wanted  to use for my first article, it didn't work. I tried to do it with several other reports and I got the same results.

Heck, I thought it was going to be so easy and quick to do my articles with this cut and paste method.

I guess the publishers of these e books wanted to keep people  from stealing parts of their e books or reports and doing exactly  what I was trying to do.  But since I own the license to all of the  info on the CD-Rom I wasn't stealing, I was using part of what I  already owned to write some articles to promote the product itself.

Nevertheless, I will have to find another way to produce my articles. I can still use parts of the e books and reports to write my articles, but it will call for doing a little more work.

What I decided to do to solve this problem is use my screen reader and my little digital recorder to capture the information I need to get my articles completed. Regardless to what business you are in, there are always problems to contend with.  But the main thing to remember is when you run into a brick wall, there is usually a way over, under or around it. It will take me longer to complete my articles but I can still get it done.

eBay Article writing Strategy - Part Four

As I was going through some of the ebooks and reports on the  "eBay millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM looking for ideas and subjects that might be of interest to people wanting to learn  more about selling on eBay, I got another idea.

Since I'm not an eBay expert I wanted to position myself as a researcher providing information to improve their chances of  making money with their eBay auctions.

Now, I also want to sell them the reprint rights to the info products on the "eBay millionaire Treasure Chest". So, my idea is to build the subjects of my articles around some of the info products on the CD.

One thing that all of the ebooks and reports on the CD-Rom have in common is links.

Yes, the info products all provide helpful links to provide the reader with resources to help them with more information on  what ever the ebook or report was about. What I could do is  write several articles reviewing these sites and even put together  a little directory, giving it some compelling title like: "Secret Web Sites That Can Make You An Instant eBay Power Seller!"  I could offer it as a Free gift to the readers of my articles and all I would  be doing is using the information that is already available to me on the eBay CD.

Next we'll take a look at how easy this little project could be.

Researching for eBay Articles

To get started with my first idea of creating articles based on the links in the eBay ebooks and reports, I went through some of the info products just gathering links.

This would be the first step in formulating a strategy for writing the articles. I could just take the first ten or twelve links that I came across, go to that web site, get a little information on the service that was offered and then put together an article just pretty much what was stated on the home page of the web site.

But I know that it would be better to provide the reader of the article with in depth rather than general information a reader could easily find by reading other articles on that subject.

For example one of the most popular info products related to auction sites are wholesale and drop ship sources. There are several of these types of info products on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM. The first one I looked at was an eight page directory that listed wholesale sources which listed the web site and a brief listing of what products were being offered.

Now, I could write a short article about this directory but I wouldn't have much to work with. I could also go to some of the web sites in the directory and add to the descriptions of some of the products and services. However, this would be information  that could be found in just about any article written on this subject, I could probably get by with doing the article this way but what I want to do is give the reader of the article information that may not be very well known.

Since I'm not an eBay expert, I need to decide how I was going to go about doing this...

eBay Article Marketing Strategy - Part 5

As I continued to look for info. products on wholesale and drop ship sources I found a directory called "Buy Anything Wholesale" This is a forty page directory that provided a lot more information about buying wholesale.

There was information that would be of interest to people who wanted to know more about how to get the best results using wholesale sources such as:

* How to get the lowest prices by dealing directly with the manufacturer of the product

* How to avoid dealing with middle men

* How to get your products for up to 80%below wholesale

* How to deal with suppliers in order to get the best prices

*  Learning how to find and deal with back door suppliers with out needing a business license

* How to get started with a zero budget

I could expand on these topics by getting the information directly from the ebook and write a good, informative article.

This directory also included information on how you can create your own wholesale listings in under ten minutes.

Another subject of interest to people who want to learn more about buying wholesale would be things to watch out for, like what to do when a supplier won't give you sample products to offer to potential customers. It's also important to know how to find a reliable drop shipper. You want to be sure when you make a sale that your customer receives the product and it reaches them in a timely manner. There's also information in this directory on how you can avoid having to purchase a large minimum order.

There is a lot of good information to work with in this directory to create several good articles on the subject of wholesale and drop ship products to sell on eBay.

Once again, in writing these articles what I want to do is promote the info products on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM. And by writing about some of the topics in the reports and ebooks on the CD-ROM it gives me the opportunity to indirectly promote the entire "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM.


Greg Bey  




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