June 2009

 Even More on eBay Articles

After doing a little research on the info products on the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest, It's time to get to work on producing an article.

Remember I had trouble cutting and pasting from the PDF reports on the CD-ROM?  Remember also I told you that there is a way around most problems? Well, I discovered only a few PDF documents are completely secured.  Under the 'File' menu option of Adobe Acrobat, many authors allow you to 'Save as text.'

Now, once again I want to stress the importance of making articles a part of your marketing strategy, here's why:

A year or two ago I had several (12) articles placed on Ezine Articles. This is one of the top article directory sites to place your articles because this site generates huge amounts of traffic.

Recently I started receiving reports by e-mail from Ezine Articles. The reports gave me information on how many times an article was read in the last month and the key words that people typed in that brought up my articles along with others on that subject. This would help me to know what key words to use in the titles of future articles.

Two of my most read articles were: "Stay Focused for Success" and "Do You Need a Mentor?" Next we'll take a look at the first article I put together from the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest.

First eBay Article

Since I sell products related to marketing information I found a report on the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest CD-ROM on the subject of selling info products on eBay.

Below is a part of the report that I will use for the main content of the article and all I had to do was to cut and paste to get most of the work done.


By Gregory H Bey

Why Sell Information Products On Ebay?

Ebay is the Mecca of online shopping. If you can't  find the product or category you are after on Ebay,  it's probably because it doesn't exist.

Ebay literally has millions of people with cash in  hand coming into it's online store everyday looking  to buy what ever takes their fancy, and this in my  opinion makes Ebay the bee's knee's when it comes  to advertising online.

So few people actually think of Ebay as a viable  way to make money with their information products.  The few who do understand its power are making  their fortunes online.

Let me give you a few examples. Connect to the  Internet if you have not already and have a look at  the following Ebay sellers and make sure to look at  their feedback and see what they have sold!

These are only a few examples of people doing  quite well selling information products on Ebay! Of  course, these people are selling Ebooks, but that's  not to say you have to, and I can tell you now,  there are more profitable products you can create  that are a lot easier!

What Type Of Products Should You Create

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money  with information products on Ebay!, but here are in  my opinion the most profitable and easy to do.

   Ebooks     CD's     Reports     Audio Tapes     Mp3's     Digital Videos     DVD's And VHS     Membership Sites

In all honesty, people who buy information products  on Ebay seem to want to pay less than what you  would if you were selling them elsewhere, on  certain products. Let me explain with examples.


Ebooks sell well on Ebay, they just don't command a  very high price. This also depends on the subject.  If the information is specialized and there is no  other people selling the product or the same sort  of product in a specific Ebay category, you could  charge anywhere from $9.95 to $29.95 for your  Ebook. I find $19.95 works well.

You have to realize that while this doesn't sound  like much, you have to remember that your  advertising costs are basically nothing, just your  Ebay listing fee. You literally have cornered the  market with a few cents for an Ebay bid. Even if  your product doesn't sell, you are out no more than  a few dollars at most with your advertising.

Now, maybe I could ad a few comments and then ad my resource box including a link to my web site:

The people who read this article and click on the link would be considerd as targeted prospects to purchase the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest CD-ROM.

eBay Article Example #2

Here is the second article that I took from the same report  about selling info. products on eBay.

What Kind of Info. Products Sell Best on eBay?

By Gregory H Bey


Real estate is a big category on Ebay and the  people looking to buy real estate are going to be  spending a large amount of money on their perfect  property. So I doubt these people would squabble  over $60 or $70 if it's going to save them  thousands or stop them from making a big mistake.

Here is the real estate Ebay category link  ame=MOPS5:HRE01

So what ideas could you put into a CD? Here are two  ideas I would do myself.

1) Create a CD full of scanned printouts from free  real estate magazines.

This sounds a little odd, but let me explain.

People who live in Canada and want to buy real  estate in Florida find it very had to get  information on real estate that they want. Why?  Because real estate agents in Canada only stock  real estate information on Canadian properties.

So if you were to create a CD full of scanned real  estate listings from where ever live, and sold them  in a CD, you would find you had a very target niche  market.

It works particularly well if you happen to live in  places like Florida, New York, Australia, France,  and so on.

2) Create a real estate retirement CD. Baby  Boomers looking for that great piece of real estate  to retire are searching the Internet frantically to  find real estate in a great area that's not only  going to be a great place to retire but also rise  in price and be a great investment for their  children and grand children.

A CD full of information and pictures and listings  of retirement properties would do very well. All  you have to do is find out what people in that age  bracket are looking for and create the CD.

To do this, go to and  ask whatever questions you have there. Costa Rica  is good this time of year! Believe me.


These are my favorite types of products to sell  online. Why? Because they take no more than a day  to create and if you do it on a very profitable  topic, you can sell 1000's of these reports in a  few months.

The downside? You can usually get away with selling  these reports for $9.95 and sometimes $19.95, and  reports also lend themselves to copy cats.

Creating a report is simple.

A report basically is a small 10 to 20 page  document on a certain subject. An example would be,  "How to make your fortune with residual income  affiliate programs". The best way to write a report  is to put it into a PDF document, and I talk about  this in the next section. If you want to know  what a report looks like, look no further, your  reading one!

Audio CD'S  

Audio CD's are a great way to sell products  online. All you need is a CD burner equipment and  your set. These types of products can sell for over  $50. The best way to sell audio CD's is also to  send them the CD's transcribed into text so they  can read it as well, and this adds more value to  the product.

If you really want to churn out audio CD's in  record time and don't want to do the content  yourself, why not hire an expert to talk on the  CD's for you?

Getting a professional in the field to answer your  questions would have to be the simplest ways to  create a product. If you were doing a book on  direct mail, why not hire a guru for a couple of  hours, grill him over the phone or in person, have  the conversation taped, and there you go, instant  product.

Most times people will do interviews with you if  you give them the rights to sell the audio CD to  their mailing lists. If they won't do this, then  all you have to do is hire them for an hour or two,  pay their usually consulting fee (a few hundred  dollars should do it) and you then have no  competition at all.

You should remember that when I do my resource box that I should make it clear that the above article was taken from a report on the CD-ROM and then give the name of the author and the name of the report. I think I can get at least one more article out of this report.

Mini Links Directory for Ezine Advertising

Previously I suggested you creat a link directory from the info products on the eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest. Here are several links that I got from  one report about selling info products on eBay, you should check them out for your self.

Here are a list of places you should advertise your free course. (You should buy solo ads only if  possible)

1. Xtreme Marketing Tips

2. The Guru Marketer

3. The Marketer's Resource Weekly

4. Getmassivehits

5. Associate Programs

6. WorkAtHomeNews

7. Bizweb E-Gazette

8. Active Internet Marketing

9. Super Pro

10. E-Power Marketing

11. NetIncomeSite

12. Rim Digest

13. Avenues 2 Success

14. Web Stars 2000

15. Netrepreneur's Notebook</a>

16. Day-Star Communications

I hope you enjoyed visiting some of the above web sites, there are some excellent resources there. Next we,ll continue to explore the info products on the CD-ROM to bring you some more good information about making money with eBay.


Greg Bey  




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