Vol. 6  September 2010

Email Marketing Rant

Welcome to the September issue of This Straight Talk Marketing Journal. I haven't sent out an issue of this journal since June because I simply lost the  motivation to produce another issue, here is why:

I have become really disgusted with the way most marketing techniques are  currently being used, especially email marketing.

I receive several e-zines related to marketing and making money online everyday. I signed up for many of these e-zines because of a free offer made by the marketer. Most of the time he's doing a joint venture with another marketer who is making the offer to build his own list.

The marketer recommends this great free report from their good friend, and  you are urged to click on the link below and rush over to get this fantastic free product that will only be offered for the next 24 hours, or only the first 300 people to take advantage of the offer.

In order to get the freebie you have to give your name and e-mail address to the  marketer who is making the free offer. Then, everyday, or maybe even twice a day, I get an email from the marketer making some kind of crazy offer, or recommending a free offer from one of their good buddies, and on it goes...

Now, I can hear you saying: "Well, you don't have to sign up for all of these  free offers." Or, "You can always unsubscribe from an e-zine that you don't  want."

You are absolutely right in your thinking, which brings me to this point:  When a  marketer gets you to sign up to their list using this technique so that they can be in your face every day with another worthless offer, is this really an effective way to build a list of loyal customers?

What is the logical thing most people are going to do when this list owner starts sending them worthless email messages every day? That's right, they are going to unsubscribe!

As I see it there are very few marketers who have the talent to produce a daily e-zine with content interesting enough to get subscribers eagerly opening their email everyday. These subscibers know there will be valuable content that will benefit them and increase their marketing knowledge. This is certainly not the case with 99.9% of the email messages I get from marketers.

Not only are most of these newsletters worthless in content, and sent out too frequently, the report used to entice a sign up is often worthless. A marketer who offers true value should be willing to give away his report with no opt in, and then give people the opportunity to sign up for their list after they see  the marketer really can produce top notch content.

Thanks for letting me vent . . .


The Gary Halbert Letter

If you have been a serious marketer for any length of time, you've more than likely heard the name Gary Halbert. In my opinion, Gary Halbert was a true marketing genius. Every serious marketer who wants to learn how to get people to buy their product needs to study Gary's marketing techniques.

Gary Halbert passed away in 2007 but his web site is still active. And his site is one of the most visited sites on the web. When you go there you don't have to sign up for his list. You get immediate access to all of the newsletters on his site . . . No Strings Attached!

Gary knew that the content in his newsletters would keep people coming back again and again for more of the valuable content he was providing on his web site.

Most Internet marketers want to force people to sign up for their list before they can access their free offer. They don't have the confidence to let people decide for themselves if they really want to sign up for the list.

Most marketers today don't seem to understand that if you want to stand out from the crowd you simply have to provide potential subscribers with excellent content that will make them want more and more of what you have to offer. It's not rocket science, Just Provide Good Content.

Most marketers don't want to do this because it takes work to  be creative and use your imagination, but I honestly feel that if you want to win in today's over crowded marketplace, you have to provide valuable content, not just jump on the latest  marketing fad.

Explore Gary's treasure trove of marketing wisdom here:


Where's the Traffic?

Is your web site like a gift shop in the middle of a desert?  Nice stuff but no one will ever see it. One of the most frequently asked questions online is, "How  do I get traffic to my site?"

Well, I recently ran across an excellent report called, "30 Ways to Get FREE  Website Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less."  The contents section actually lists the 30 tips, each linked to a section that details step by step how to apply the technique.

It's a handy reference guide you can refer to often.  For you - it's free.  Download it here:



Marketing With a Blog

There are hundreds of reports and e-books on the subject of how to use a blog as a marketing tool.

Several months ago I was on the Google web site and I decided to see if setting  up a blog was really so easy. Because I use a screen reader to read the text on my computer screen. So I wanted to see if I could accomplish this simple task by doing it myself.

I must say I was pleased with myself because with the help of the Google help team in helping me to set up an account I was able to set up a blog that I could  post to. I should point out here that it is a challenge for me to do anything with a computer except surf the web and read my e-mail.

So, I have to agree that using the blogger software to set up a blog is really easy. I just wanted to see if it could be done  even for a person who has a visual impairment.

Since I got the blog set up I decided to see if I could figure  out how to post to  the blog. Once again I was able to do this  with out any help. Now, this was just  something that I did for  myself to see if I could get it done.

If you want to try blogging yourself, I suggest you start with Google's blog service.  It's free. You don't even have to purchase a domain name. Get started here:

However, I knew if I wanted to use the blog as a marketing tool, I would have to get it done right. You see, it's always better to have marketing assets on site property you own, free and clear. I talked to my friend Charles Norman, who sets up web sites for me, about installing a blog on my site. He set up a blog for me using  WordPress.  You can see my blog here:

Now, let's get to the marketing part of this. It is suggested that when using a  blog as a marketing tool, you should post to it on a regular basis - at least three times a week, even better, once a day.


This is because the search engine spiders love new content. When you post to your blog on a daily basis, they will visit your site to check out your new content, This, in turn, will bring more visitors to your blog, which will hopefully help you accomplish whatever marketing goal you have for your blog..

If you are not already using a blog as a marketing tool, it's a good idea to add this marketing strategy to your arsenal. However, don't think that a blog is going to bring a flood of subscribers or paying customers, it's just another method to help build your customer/subscriber list.  More on this subject next time.


Greg Bey  

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