July 2009

Important Rules for Selling on eBay

In the next four issues, I want to continue to provide you with some helpful tips about selling on eBay.

All of this information is taken from a report on the  "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest." This will also give you a  sample of the valuable information on the CD.  All the books  and reports in the "Treasure Chest" are compiled to help  people boost their eBay auction sales. The following insert  is about maintaining good feedback from the people who  buy from you.

eBay Rules and Regulations

Knowledge is Power!

Knowing exactly what eBay says about feedback is very important if you are a seller or  a buyer.

The first thing you should understand is how feedback is accrued. For each transaction,  the buyer and seller are allowed to rate each other by leaving feedback.

The feedback rating system is really simple. You receive:

   +1 point for each positive comment

     0 points for each neutral comment

    -1 point for each negative comment

Where the system can sometimes let you down is when you have a fantastic customer  who has purchased multiple items from you (or likewise you've bought a number of  items off someone). You would imagine that you could score some great positive  feedback for each transaction however, the eBay system will only tally up feedback by  individual eBay members NOT for each transaction.

Here's an example to put it into perspective:

Ozebookstore has received a feedback rating of 5 based on the following:

  -  Angie buyer purchased 1 item and left positive feedback

  -  Harold buyer purchased 1 item and left positive feedback

  -  David buyer purchased 1 item and left positive feedback

  -  Angie buyer purchased another item and left positive feedback

  -  Sue buyer purchased 1 item and left positive feedback

  -  Tom buyer purchased 1 item and left positive feedback

  -  David buyer purchased another item and left positive feedback

Even though there was a total of seven items sold (or seven transactions), there were  only FIVE unique eBay members doing the purchasing so therefore only a total of five  feedback would show up next to Ozebookstore.

Feedback is the way we let other members know how we felt about the way in which a  transaction was handled. As eBay members, we all have a feedback profile which is  identified as a rating number in brackets. There are also comments from other  members for each transaction feedback has been left. In the example above, the eBay  member would look like this:

Ozebookstore (5) - which means that the eBay member Ozebookstore has received  positive feedback from at least 5 other eBay members.

Make sense?

Always Leave Feedback!

As you can see, leaving feedback after a transaction is complete is an important aspect  of participating in the eBay community. This is the only chance you have to let other  eBay members know how your transaction went.

The feedback system is crucial as it helps both buyers and sellers make informed  decisions about who to trade with. If you think about it, you are more likely to buy from  someone who does not have a lot of negative feedback!

Research is Important

Whether you're placing a bid or you've successfully sold an item, researching your  trading partner's previous treatment of other eBay members can give you a good idea  of what to expect in your transaction.

As a buyer, it's always wise to check out feedback before entering into a transaction to  ensure the seller is trustworthy and professional.

As a seller, you may want to view a bidder's feedback to see how they managed their  past transactions. Also, while I have not done this myself but I have seen a number of  sellers actually request that buyers with a certain feedback rating should make contact  with them before bidding so they can ensure they are legitimate. This can save the  seller from the hassle of putting in non-paying bid notices to eBay and relisting an item.

In most cases, if an eBay member has a high rating they are generally trustworthy,  however, you should always check their feedback. Remember, there are comments  attached to a member's feedback so it is always worth your while checking out the  comments.

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Some Ideas on What to Sell on eBay

One of the biggest concerns of most new eBay sellers is what to sell.

There are several ways to research what is currently selling best on eBay and this information is included in some of the reports on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD.  Below are suggestions taken from one of the reports on the CD.


The best way to get started in the market of buying and selling is to decide how much money you can  afford to invest right off the bat. I would recommend starting with at least two hundred dollars or so to  begin your empire. It's a small investment, and you should be able to double your money pretty quickly!

Then, you need to decide exactly what you want to buy and sell. Your choices here are virtually unlimited,  as you have already seen. Here's a good way to begin. If you have a hobby, or an expertise that gives you  an edge in particular field, use it to your advantage! If you know computers, you might want to buy and sell  computer equipment. If you're a camera nut, then maybe photographic equipment would be your cup of  tea! Remember, if you have an edge over 90% of the other people at the auction site, you will probably be  able to spot the bargains that you can buy and then re-sell at a profit!

Another way to find out good items to buy and sell is to check out the auction web site, Usenet Newsgroups  and your local classified ads to see what other people are buying and selling! Just because someone else is  selling the product like yours does not mean that you should not try marketing your own version of it. As a  matter of fact, just the opposite is true! After all, if someone is already successful selling something, you  probably can be too! Imagine that everyone looked at HENRY FORD'S first car and said, "gee what a great idea… Too bad it's been done, no need for me to try." We would all be driving Model A's if that was  the case!


One of the things that I like to do is search the auction web site for collectable items that are extremely hot  at that particular time. The beanie babies are the best example, but there are many, many others. I found out  that some things that I would have never considered very highly collectable are bringing in a decent price at  auction.

The most recent fad in this kind of a market was the Spice Girls dolls. They are an item that are literally  flying off of the store shelves as soon as they come in, and people are willing to pay a premium to get them.  Remember this, time is very valuable to the individual. The last thing anyone wants to do is scavenge all  the local Wal-Mart and toy stores trying to get the latest toy. Most people would be much happier logging  on to their computer, typing in a few keys and paying a little extra to get that special item.

Needless to say, I found a few cases of Spice Girls dolls, bought them, and resold them at a profit on both  the auction site and on my own web site! If you are into collectibles, or something that you always have on  hand, do consider getting your own web site where you can sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a  week, and you won't have to pay eBAY ™ to list the items for you! Later, I will talk more about setting up  your own web site to sell items!


Another type of item that can be extremely successful is something that you can produce on your own.  Things like grandma's recipes, a "how-to" manual on hooking up your VCR, etc. These are the items that  can offer you immense profits! I know, you're asking yourself "what kind of item can I produce?" It's  simple, look at what you are good at and use it. If you can make the best brownies in town, sell your recipe.  If you're the guy everyone calls when they can't figure it out how to do something on their computer, write  a how to manual on that! Look at all of the books that are available "for dummies" on the store shelves.  They sell like crazy, because everybody needs help to tell them how to do something! So take what you are  good at and MARKET IT! People will gladly pay $5.00 to $10.00 for the information that they really need.

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A One Step Method for Increasing eBay Sales

Below is a one step method for increasing your eBay sales.  This excerpt is taken from the "eBay Millionarie Treasure Chest" found at


Congratulations on obtaining this very powerful report. The one step technique that  you are about to discover is a highly unknown, yet incredibly powerful way of  making far more sales, getting more bids and building a highly targeted customer  list…all rolled into one.

If you put it into practice you will see some startling results.


That's all you have to do. Offer a "free gift" that is highly complimentary to your product  that would be of huge interest to your potential bidders.

Why does this work so well? Because you're offering something that is of high  perceived value to the bidder (maybe even higher than the price of the actual product)  completely free. How could the bidder not take it up? He's looked at other auctions in  your category - some even selling the exact same product but only yours offers this  unique information product that comes along with the purchase. Suddenly he wants the  info-product almost more than he wants the actual product (I have had emails from  customers who have told me the only reason they bid for the product was the info- product that came with the auction!).

Let's take a look at a simple example:

Dave_Beckham99 sells gardening tools as part of his eBay portfolio. Like all other  sellers he has so-so sales. Sometimes he finds a buyer, sometimes he doesn't.

Then Dave thinks "hmm, what can I do to make my gardening tools sell like hot-cakes?"

It hits him. Offer a free gift that would be useful to someone who buys gardening tools -  a book about how to grow a perfect garden!

Something like this:

Dave Includes a note in his auction - right at the top where it can be noticed:

** Important - All buyers of all my garden tools will receive a copy of the "Gardening  Tips That Work" book. This sells on my website at £9.

Can you see how suddenly, Dave's auction becomes far more attractive to any potential  buyer than other sellers who are offering the same product(s). This is a unique selling  point and it does not matter what you're selling, this simple technique will SHIFT your  products and FAST!

It's as simple as that.

This one technique can help you to sell ANYTHING that you want to. It does not really  matter what it is. We'll look at some ways of changing this technique ever so slightly a  little bit later on - the change will really drive a frenzy of bids to your auctions.

So where do you find such eBooks that you can legally offer as part of your auction?  This is the part where you have to be a little carefully. Obviously, you can't just search  Google for an eBook in the topic you would like, buy it and offer it as a bonus for your auction - not unless you want to get sued anyway . - no, you need to find quality  products with resell rights. Here's a free blog that teaches you all about resell rights,  how to get them and use them for huge profits:

What are resell rights? They are products - such as eBooks, and sometimes software  - that give you the legal right to resell the product to other customers after you have  purchased it. This means you can legally offer the product to your auction customers  simply because you purchased the rights.

It's important you get hold of resell rights products that are legitimate and from a trusted  source. There are too many illegal outlets to risk buying from a source that is not well  known in the market.

More Resources for eBay Marketing

In the past few issues I gave you a sampling of some of the material on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest". I wanted to give you an idea of the kind of valuable information you would get if you were to purchase the CD.

Recently I saw an interview with Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine. In the interview he talked about his book titled, "FREE".  The main point of his book was that more and more marketers need to use this strategy in order to compete in the market place.

Now, this is not something new. This method of selling has been used for many years. But what I think he is trying to point out is that it's no longer enough to send a potential customer to a sales letter and expect that they will purchase your product or service because of your powerful sales copy.

The trend now is for information marketers to allow the potential customer to read a chapter or two of their e-book, or try a scaled down version of their software. If someone offers coaching services, they may want to offer a free session or two.

The point is, if you want to compete in the market place, you need to develop a strategy where the potential customer can try before they buy.

Let me give you an example of this principle, I presently have just a sales letter on my site. My partner, Charles, suggested that I replace the letter with a simple signup form for a free report.  The report gives the visitor a free sample of what I have to offer.  I can then build trust with the potential customer by sending more free information over time.

P.S.  I just learned Charles has set up a password protected membership area on the site at This area will have more valuable resources for people who want to succeed on eBay. This membership is included FREE with the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest."

If you're looking for hosting or friendly help setting up your business on the web, don't hesitate to call Charles Norman at: 1-434 933-4510.  His rates are very reasonable.  


Greg Bey  




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