Vol. 7  October 2010

Should You Join the Video Marketing Craze?

Welcome to another issue of the Straight Talk Journal. Over the past month I have been keeping a close eye on e-mail marketing, the e-mail marketers that I receive ezines from. Most seem to be making offers through videos, even some of the big boys like Dan Kennedy.

I understand that it is important to keep up with current trends, espcially  if it helps to make more sales. However, I learned a long time ago that when you see the herd going in one direction, you might want to think about going in the opposite direction.

I'm certainly not saying that videos shouldn't be used in your marketing strategy but it seems to me that some marketers are using videos simply because it is the current trend and they don't consider this may not always be the best way to go.

When I open an e-mail and a marketer tells me I need to hurry over to watch this video with a special limited offer, I just yawn and say, "Oh ... another video." Now, there are probably many thousands of people who are not going to take the time to look at every video offer that is sent to them.

It's better to develop a well rounded marketing strategy. Sometimes you might make a special offer right there in the e-mail message, while you have the attention of your prospect, instead of always asking them to click away to a blog post, or to watch a video. At least it's something to think about.

If you're lucky enough to have your e-mail opened these days, you had better work real hard to hold the attention of your prospect.


I had been thinking about writing a little about Flea Markets for a while. And as I was trying to get this journal done, I had several phone interruptions.

One of the people that called had received some information from me in the mail. He told me that he wanted to make some quick money for the holidays. I told him if he wanted to make "quick" money, he might want to consider having a yard sale, or taking some things to a Flea Market to sell.

He laughed as though I was making a joke. I told him, "I'm not kidding. You said you wanted to make some quick money. Holding your own yard sale or selling some things at a flea market is one of the quickest ways to raise a little money."

For example, a few weeks ago I got together with a couple of friends and we set up just three tables, found some things laying around the house, and had our own little yard sale. We didn't do any advertising, just told a few people around the neighborhood that we were having a yard sale, and we each made about $50.00. It can be just that easy some time.

I was listening to my favorite radio show, The American Entrepreneur, and there was a man being interviewed that operated a huge Flea Market in a little town in Ohio called Rogers. This Flea Market has been going through three generations, and the man said that from 30 to 70 thousand people visit that Flea Market each and every week. This Flea market is on about 200 acres. For a mere $18 you can get a space and you're in business.

The man explained that there are people who travel all over the country just selling at Flea Markets. Keep in mind, the Internet is not the only game in town where you can make money. As a matter of fact you might do a lot better at a Flea Market, or having your own yard sale.

I ran across an excellent 100 page report on making money from flea markets.  It's called:

"Insider's Secrets to Flea Market Profits"

You can find it here:


This is a subject that I will be revisiting often because I have found it to work very well.

I have been using the telephone as a marketing tool for a long time, even before the days of the Internet.

Let me tell you about my latest marketing effort using the telephone.

As you may or may not know, I do a lot of offline marketing. I use small, cheap classified ads and a voice mail box to capture leads.

One of my main marketing strategies is to send prospects a short survey along with some other free information. In order to get them to return the survey, I offer them more free information, at least this is what I did at first.

This survey simply asks people what type of business opportunities they are interested in receiving more information about. One of the questions I list is: "Are you interested in information on legitimate work at home jobs?"

Just about every prospect puts a check mark by that question.

Keep in mind that my target market are people who want to make money from home. Now here's what I learned from this little survey. Most people who read business opportunity magazines want to find the easiest, fastest way to make a little money, and finding a work at home job is just what they are looking for.

So I decided to test something that goes against what most experienced marketers would advise. Most marketers say, don't try to sell anything from a classified ad because you won't get any response from your ad. They say if you do ask for money make it $3.00 or less.

Now here's what I did: I offer a report titled: 150 Firms That Will Pay You to Work From Home. Here's what my short ad said:


Includes Resale Rights! Rush $10.00: DSC,

7023 Hermitage St, Pittsburgh PA 15208  1-412-363-7187

I am getting responses from this little classified ad running in a print publication right now. Can you guess why?

If you said because there is a phone number in the ad, you are exactly right!

Right now, I get calls every day from people who want more information about this ad. Since this is my phone number and I am here to take the calls, I can answer their questions and give them more information.

If I didn't put the phone number there, I probably wouldn't get any response to this little ad, and people would not be sending me the $10.00. And to top it off, these are qualified buyers that are willing to send $10.00 from a small classified ad. Just putting a phone number in the ad makes all the difference. People feel more comfortable spending their money when they know you are a real person and they can get in touch with you if they need to.

This is what I mean when I say have a well rounded marketing strategy. Savvy marketers always give prospects the opportunity of being able to contact a human voice. That really means a lot to most people. This is almost a must for the small time marketer.

If you are a serious marketer looking for a little straight talk advice to help improve your marketing education, you can give me a call at: 1-412 734-5844 and listen to my recorded message to see if I can be of any help to you.   


Greg Bey  

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