August 2009

 Staying the Course under Strained Economic Conditions

Lately I've been hearing that the recession has reached bottom   and the economy is slowly beginning to turn around. What does this mean for the small home based entrepreneur?

Over the past two years, or maybe even longer, it's been a rough ride for the small home business operator. On the other hand, some have done very well. I've heard that many millionaires were made in the great depression of the 1930's. How can this help us today?

Well, it tells us that money CAN be made under severe economic conditions. The key is to study the market place to find out what people are still spending their money on - even in an economic down turn. As an information marketer, I've seen an increase in interest in money making opportunities.

Recently I had a small twelve word classified ad placed in a national print publication. I've been advertising in this publication for several years. The ad stated: "DO ANY OF THOSE MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES REALLY WORK"? My response was double what I usually get. This tells me that people are hurting and want to make a little extra cash. But they also know that there are a lot of scams out there, and they don't want to get ripped off.

This is why it's important, if you are marketing this type of information to offer a legitimate opportunity.

And this is why in the last few issues of the "Survival Tips Bulletin"  I have tried to give a sampling of the information of reports on the "eBay Millionaire Treasure Chest" CD-ROM.

eBay IS a legitimate opportunity for the average person with little or no start up money. You CAN begin to make a little extra cash. There are people on eBay who prove this every day. Next we'll continue with this strategy.

Learn how easy it is to start making money from eBay . . .

Staying Focused on a Marketing Strategy

It has taken me several years to learn the importance of formulating a marketing strategy, and then sticking with it. This is not to say that just because you take the time to work out a long term marketing strategy, it's going to work like you think it will.

However, even if your strategy doesn't work, you'll still learn from it because you will learn what NOT to do when you plan your next strategy.

This is where most people lose out. Too often people give up and quit when their first attempt fails.

I have been sending out these bulletins for almost two years now and it's all a part of a long term marketing strategy. As I told you before, I was going to put the first twelve months of these bulletins on a CD-ROM. I have done this. Now I'm using it as a stand alone info product This is my own product, based on my own marketing experience, and when I complete this next twelve months I will do the same thing.

I can also create an e-book or hard copy booklet from these bulletins and also create articles from these marketing lessons. So you see, I still benefited, even though I didn't meet my original marketing objectives.

My only investment to do this was time. I didn't have money but I did have several years of valuable experience that could be of some help to those who continue to read these bulletins, my main goal through these bulletins is to educate those who are really serious about learning how the little guy can compete in today's over saturated market place. Next, I want to drill down even deeper in my marketing strategy.

Keeping the Strategy Working

To keep people subscribed to this newsletter I have to bring value to the readers. The real value in these bulletins for you is that learning from my ongoing real time experience will save you time, money, disappointments and set backs.

Here is what you should have learned if you've been following these bulletins. First and most importantly I hope you have learned your true value is in YOU and your experience. This is what you have to offer. There is no one like you. Once you understand that, all you have to do is package and market YOU!

Let me see if I can give you a clear idea of what I'm trying to get you to understand.

You may think that you have nothing special to offer. Back in my early days of mail order, I would sit around and think "If I could only find a product that no one else was selling, I could really make a lot of money." Of course, this was ridiculous, but this is how I thought. I was looking for a product that no one else was selling. But in order to do that I would have had to invent the product myself. Only then would have a product no one else was selling.

Now, after all these years, I have figured out how to do this. But this is not something new. People are doing it every day. What I have learned to do, and you can do it too, is create my own unique product, and wrap my personality around it.

You can learn marketing strategies all over the Internet from thousands of people. And you probably receive ezines on any number of subjects that are of interest to you.

But there may be certain information products that really hold your interest. Why is this? It's not always the information itself that you are interested in. It's the person that's presenting the information. You are captured by the personality that shines through in the product.

Why do you think that social networks are so popular today? Because people want to associate with like minded people and the Internet and social networks have made this possible on a world wide scale.

Think about it, when you were in high school or college, you associated with the people who had the same interests as you.

If you keep this in mind, regardless of what you are trying to sell, you'll have cracked the code to marketing success.

When Does the Money Come?

The money will come when you gain the trust and confidence of people who are truly interested in the products or services you offer. In today crowded market place, I truly believe that this is the only way for the small home business operator to succeed. This cannot be over stated, you MUST take the time to form a relationship of trust with your potential customers.

Just think about this: When you choose a personal care doctor or dentist, you choose someone you trust and feel comfortable with. What about the person who cuts or styles your hair? You just don't really want to do business with people you don't like...

So when you are trying to win customers, this is something you must keep in mind.

This applies even when you do business through the mail, or on the Internet. Back during my early days in mail order, there was one direct marketer that I did business with on a regular basis. This is because he offered products  I wanted to buy, and his sales letters were written in a way that were truthful without a lot of hype. So, every time that I received an offer in the mail from him I would always read it. And most of the time, if I felt I could afford it, I would respond to his offer.

One of the things I really liked about T.E. Mudry was that you could count on hearing from him at least three or four times a year with a good offer.

Also, from my own experience, if people like the way you treat them as a customer, they will continue to do business with you again and again.

This is why you should formulate your business model around the interest of your customers.

The way that you do this is find out what your customers want.

You find out what your customers or prospects want by asking them. You can do this by getting them to fill out a short survey. To do this, you must offer them something in return for filling out the survey, we can take a closer look at how to go about doing this.


Greg Bey  




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