Vol. 29   -   August 2012

Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

As we move into the eighth month of 2012, I am way behind in reaching my goals. In reviewing my progress in the first seven months of this year, I see I need to put the peddle to the metal if I expect to accomplish any of my goals by the end of this year...

The main thing I wanted to do this year was to improve the results I was getting from online marketing.

Just today I was reading an ezine from an online marketer talking about how the key to successful online marketing was driving traffic to your web site.

This may be true. However, just because a site gets thousands of visitors to their web site, it doesn't mean these visitors are going to purchase your product or service.

Getting traffic to visit your web site is only the beginning. Once a prospect visits your web site, will they stay more than eight seconds?

Most marketers try to squeeze an email address out of their visitors by offering some kind of free gift to accomplish this. However, the prospect really has to want your free gift in order to give a legitimate email address. To avoid getting a lot of bogus email addresses, I just give them the free information first and if they like what they read they may be willing to give up their email address. This is the strategy I'm using now on my site.

My problem has been doing the things I need to do to get targeted traffic to visit my web site.

Notice, I said "targeted traffic". I learned a long time ago that paying some service $97 to get ten thousand visitors to visit your web site is usually a waste of money.

In a previous issue I said I needed to write a certain number of articles every week or month to get more targeted traffic to visit my web site each month. The long and the short of it is, I have not been doing what i said I would do.

Now, the end of the year is closing fast and I am way, way behind...

In the next week I need to decide what I'm going to do in order to get back on track. I know this is easier said than done. I have a few ideas as to what I might be able to do and I'll update you in the next issue.


Marketing Tips For This Month

  • You must sell people the things they want - NOT the things you want to sell them!  
  • It's all about them, not you.   
  • Work ON your business - not IN it.   
  • Be the architect of your business - not the worker or foreman.  

    Definition: The architect designs the building - and sees to it that his plans are followed by the builders. The same is true in business. We must design successful marketing systems - and then monitor them closely.

And from Dan Kennedy . . .

Five Elements of Every Super-Successful Direct-Response Message:

  1. Meaningful specifics - not vague generalities.    
  2. A promise.    
  3. An offer or offers.    
  4. Precise commands - what I want you to do now.    
  5. An extra reason to act immediately.


Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan      

This is something that I have not done very well, even after all of the years I have been trying to build a home based business.

Over the years I have learned marketing strategies from some of the top marketing experts but I haven't done well putting their advice into action. I'm not taking and following the advice of the people who have already proven formulas that work for them.

Some of these formulas may be too advanced for people who are just starting out, but the important thing to keep in mind is, you must develop a formula that works for you and repeat that formula over and over again.

Building a successful home-based information selling business is not rocket science, any one who has a sincere desir and the willingness to put in the time it takes to learn some basic business principles and put what you learn into action will have at least a fighting chance to make money in your own home-based business.

Stop stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. Take a look at this to see what I mean:


Greg Bey  

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