September 2009

 Finding Out What People Want

One of the biggest mistakes that beginning marketers make is thinking that everybody will want to buy the product or service they are selling. The marketer thinks that just because they like or want the product or service they offer, everyone else should want it too.

Of course, when they market their product to others, they are very disappointed they only make a few sales or no sales at all.

Beginning marketers are given the idea by those selling money making opportunities, that it's all so easy.  According to them, all you have to do is place a few classified ads, send out a few sales letters or post cards, or get a web site set up on the Internet.  Then you can sit back and watch the money to roll in.

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to find out who your potential customer is, what they want, and why do they want it. Before the rise of the Internet this was done through Demographics and phycographics. This was learning what a general group of people might want to buy through their income level, where they live, what make of car they drive, what type of publications they read, how many children they have etc. etc. etc.

Experienced marketers who used direct mail to  target their potential customers use a resource called the SRDS book of lists. This is a gigantic directory of thousands of companies who make another passive stream of income by just renting their mailing lists of buying customers. This directory can be found in the business section of most Libraries. Experienced marketers will use this directory as a research tool to find out what people have purchased in a specific market, how much they paid for the product and how recently they made a purchase.

Another resource experienced marketers use to find out what people are interested in is a directory of News Letters in Print. This resource gives the marketer information on the number of people who are interested in a product, service or subject by the number of people who subscribe to any given news letter(s).

Your local library has dozens of directories that can be researched to help you find what people or businesses may want. Next we can take a look at finding out what people want by doing some simple research on the Internet.

Using the Internet as a Marketing Research Tool

Before the rise of the Internet experienced marketers would spend many hours in the library doing their due diligence, trying to learn more about what their potential customers wanted. Using the Internet to do this can make this task a lot less time consuming. However, this is not true in all cases. For example, if you would want to research some of the directories that you can access free at the Library, you would have to pay for this service online.

Now there are many free resources you can access on the Internet that can help you find out what people want. Tens of millions of people use the Internet every day searching for information about the things they want. Here are some simple methods I use to find out the interest of people on any given subject:

1. Go to article directories. Do a search on the subject of interest and see how many articles come up on that subject. On most of the article directories the system will indicate how many clicks were made on that article. If there are several articles written on that subject, and those articles are getting several clicks, you can be sure that there is an interest in the subject of the article.

For example, I went to and did a search on "work at home jobs."  There were several articles written on this subject.  Next, I did a search on "bee keeping" and I didn't get any results on this subject. However, that's not to say that there is no interest in bee keeping. It's just that there were no articles with the words "bee keeping" in them. I could have searched for variations on the keyword "bee keeping" and probably found several articles on the subject of Bee keeping.

2. You can also use free key word suggestion tools and news groups to find how much interest there is in a particular subject.

Next let's drill down a little deeper to see if we can discover what a potential customer really wants.

How to Lazer Target What Your Customers Want

I want to explain how to get a better idea of what your potential customers really want. As you already know, I use small ten or twelve word classified ads and a voice mail box to generate leads.

My small ad targets people who want to know more about money making opportunities and if they really work. In my voice mail greeting I offer the prospects the opportunity to receive my 32 page booklet to learn more about how money making opportunities really work. To get them to leave their name and address, I tell them that I'll reveal some of the biggest secrets the money making opportunity sellers don't want them to know.

When they leave their name and address, I don't send them the booklet right away. What I send is a one page flyer with several bullet point questions that state the following:


Now You Can Discover Some of the Biggest Secrets the Money Making Opportunity Sellers Don't Want you to Know Including...

=>  Can you really start a home based business with a budget of $50.00 to $200.00?

=>  Is it really possible to build a successful business without doing any selling, or having all of the work done for you?

=>  Can you really start and operate a home based business with no experience?

=>  Can you really start make thousands of dollars in three to six months?

=>  Is there really a secret formula that can make anyone filthy rich?

=>  What's the real secret behind all those get-rich-quick offers?

If you want to know the answers to the above questions and a whole lot more, Send for our FREE 32 page booklet:

  "Shameless Confessions of a Get-Rich-Quick Junkie"

Rush 3 F/C stamps to:

DSC, 7023 Hermitage St, Pittsburgh PA 15208, 1-412 363-7187

As you can see, I ask the people who are really interested in learning the answers to these questions to send three stamps to receive the booklet. This allows me to save on postage.

Next time we'll take a look at the final step in my lead generating strategy

The Final Step to Laser Targeting Your Prospects

Here's the final step in targeting potential customers and finding out what they are really be interested in learning more about. Below is the survey that I send out:


_____YES Greg, it makes perfect sense to me to learn all that I can about building my business. I realize the importance of having some one who has experience to offer helpful tips, advice and resources to help me when ever I need it.

And the best part about this is you'll do this absolutely FREE! I won't have to hire an expensive consultant who may charge me $50.00 to $500.00 to give me some of the same advice you'll give me FREE!

On that basis, I'm filling out the requested information and returning it to you so that I can get started learning and earning right away.                              Filling out the information below will help me better serve you, and provide you with the helpful information that you might be looking for. This information will not be shared with any one, it is for my personal records only.

What advice are you interested in receiving about starting or building your home based business? Please check your first seven choices only and when you return this survey I will send you free information related to your interests. Please fill out both sides of this form.

_____ I need money to get started

_____ I don't have anything to sell

_____ I want to know the quickest way to start making money

_____ I want to know, what are the best products to sell

_____ I want to know the best sources for learning about Mail Order

_____ I want to know the best sources for learning how to sell on Ebay

_____ I want to learn more about Internet money making opportunities

_____ I want to learn more about how to market with direct mail

_____ I want to learn how to build a mailing list

_____ I want to know how to create my own information products

_____ I want to learn how to get free advertising

_____ I want to learn about Import/Export

_____ I want to learn about Finder Fee Programs

_____ I want to learn how to form profitable Joint Ventures

_____ I'm interested in work at home jobs

What would be your preferred method of learning about the above information? Please check your first three choices.

 _____Hard copy news letter    _____Email  mini course  _____on CD's _____ DVD's        _____Audio Tapes        _____Tele-Seminars  
_____ One-on-One telephone coaching    _____Written Reports/Books

How do you prefer to be contacted?

_____Direct Mail        _____Email      _____Telephone.

Thank you for helping me by completing the above information. Please fill out your contact information below and send it to me in the enclosed envelope. When I receive your form, I will send you a special FREE report that is related to your interests.

                                 Please PRINT CLEARLY







Day-Star Communications, 7023 Hermitage St, Pittsburgh PA 15208 1-(412) 363-7187  Email

Now, this is just to give you an idea of what you will need to do to find out a little more about what your potential customers may want.

The survey is an important part of this strategy because if you want to know what people who have shown an interest in a particular subject, the best and most direct way is to simply ask.

The above survey is what is called a closed end survey becuase it asks people to choose from a list of answers to the questions. You can also use an open end survey and let people write their own answers.

Next time we'll move on to more simple marketing strategies.


Greg Bey  




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