October 2009

 Marketing for Maximum Results

In the last few issues I have outlined a complete marketing strategy. As you can see, the strategy doesn't have to be sophisticated or complex.

Here's a brief review from beginning to end: To get started I needed to know who my target market is. These are the many thousands of people who want to make some extra money by starting some kind of a home based business.

Remember, I'm not targeting all of these people, my market is the people who have been involved in some kind of money making opportunity that didn't work for them.

Now what I need to accomplish with my marketing strategy is to generate leads by offering these people information that might help them to solve there problem. What is their problem and what do they want?

First they want to get involved with an opportunity they feel will work for them so they can make the extra money they need.

Most of the people in my target audience probably feel they have been burned or ripped off by investing in some opportunity that didn't work for them. So, the first step in my marketing strategy has to address this problem.

I got my marketing strategy started by placing a cheap ten word classified ad in a print publication. I used a print publication rather than the Internet because I have a better chance of my ad being seen by my target market who read Business Opportunity Magazines looking for money making opportunities. My ten word ad simply said: MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES, Do They Really Work? Recorded Message: 1-412 734-5844.

Next, we'll take a look at the second step in this process.

Step 2

The next part of my marketing strategy involves using a cheap voice mailbox. You may remember from one of the past issues, I wrote about my favorite marketing tool. That of course is the telephone. The reason is, everyone has one. Even a homeless person can own a cell phone now days. There is a company called Safe Link wireless that gives away free cell phones to low income people and the elderly. If you know some one who can use this service, just have them call: 1-800 867-7183 to see about getting signed up for a free cell phone. They even offer free roll over minutes each month.

Now, back to my marketing strategy. When people read my small classified ad many of them become curious enough to call the number to hear the recorded message. And even though it's not a toll free number, they will still call to hear the message.

The reason for this is:  Many people have unlimited long distance calling service. Others don't mind spending the small charge to hear what this recorded message is all about, because my ad speaks directly to them.

When they call to hear my message, shortly after I thank them for calling, I repeat the words in my ad this way: CAN ANY OF THOSE MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES REALLY WORK FOR YOU.

If you want to hear the complete voice mail message just call: 1-412 734--5844 you may find one or two ideas that you can use in your own voice mail message or ad.

Here's another benefit of using a voice mail box: It's easy to change your message if you need to.

For example, when people call my voice mail box, I tell them what my offer is and then ask them to leave their name and address for full details about my offer. Then I wanted to test to see if I could get people to send for the information that I was offering without me having to send my sales flyer to them, saving me the postage.

Let me make it clear what I'm talking about here. When I ask people to leave their name and address after they hear my message, I send them my one page sales flyer, the one in issue 97 of this bulletin.

When I send out this sales flyer it costs me one first class stamp which is 44 cents at this time. So, If I get people to request my information without me having to send them the flyer, it will save me the 44 cents.

So, if I were to send out 100 flyers it would cost me $44.00 but if I can get people to send for my information without sending them the flyer it would save me $44.00. This is just smart marketing and here's how I tested this.

My first voice mail greeting was five minutes. I called my voice mail service and added two minutes to my message. I did this so that I would have time to give the caller my name and address at least twice to be sure they have time to write it down if they wanted to send for my information. I also have the information online in e-book format, so I also give the e-mail address for those with online access. They can download the information.

It's also important to remember that the people who take the time to write down my name and address or go and download the information have qualified themselves as strong prospects who are really interested in receiving the information we'll see how this test turned out.

P.S. Please contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. I want to help you learn to survive in today's over saturated market place. You can contact me directly by calling: 1-412 363-7187 or by email:    

The Split Test

Split testing is a marketing strategy that's been used by savvy marketers for many years, even long before the Internet came along.

The basic concept of the strategy is to test one headline or ad against another to see which one pulls the most responses or orders.

Now, I should say that I used the method of asking for money directly from a voice mail message before. This was back around 1993. I was selling information on how people could place a classified ad in free shopper guide and community news papers nation wide by making one phone call. Today you can see ads like this running in print publications and on the Internet.

Back then I was selling this information in a little booklet that I put together my self and I sold it for $7.00 using my voice mail box And I would get $7.00 orders through the mail for this information at that time because I also offered reprint rights to this information so that people who purchased it could reproduce and sell it. So the way I did my little split test was to allow callers to leave their name and address for the first two weeks that my ad ran in the print publication. I got a very good response to my ad.

From what I can judge from my results because of the down economy there is a rise in the interest for money making opportunities. So, I sent my one page flyer and a return envelope to the callers who left their name and address in my voice mail box. The flyer made an offer for my booklet in return for three first class stamps or two dollars.

Along with this flyer I also included the survey that is in issue 98 of this bulletin, you can check it out again to see the questions on the survey. This gave me a better idea as to what the prospects were interested in learning more about.

The prospects had the choice of just signing up for my free advisory service and/or requesting the booklet. most of the people who responded requested the booklet as well as sign up for my free advisory service.

The next two weeks of the test, I asked callers to send for the information by sending me two dollars or four first class stamps. The full results are not in yet, I have one more week to go and I'll let you know the results in the next issue.

P.S. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I want to help you learn to survive in today's over saturated market place. You can contact me directly by phone by calling: 1-412 363-7187 or by e-mail at:

Split Test Results

As I have completed the final week of my split test using my voice mail message to see if I could get callers to send for my information without me sending them my sales flyer.

Here are the results I got from this little split test: Over the two weeks, I only got five people to either go to my web site to download the e-book and three people to respond through the mail. In the first part of the test about twenty eight people left their name and address on my voice mail to receive my information.

Now I have to decide which method is best for me to continue using. With the first part of the test twenty eight callers received my sales flyer and seven sent the stamps or two dollars to receive my booklet.

So, this was an even test because about six callers requested my booklet from each part of the test. However, with the second part of the test, I didn't have to spend money on stamps or to make copies of my flyer. Now all I need to do is try to improve my voice mail message to see if I can convince a few more callers to request my booklet without me having to send my flyer to them. This way I can save money on postage. I won't collect as many names to build my list but the names that I do collect will be stronger prospects to purchase my back end products because they were interested enough in my offer to send for the information with out me having to send them my sales flyer.

It's better to build a small list of strong prospects and buyers rather than build a huge list of people who just request free information.

This is what you must consider when you're working with a small advertising budget. Even with these few people I have received some back end sales and my chances of selling them more information is a lot better. In the next four issues, I will be finishing up my second twelve months of these Survival Tips Bulletins. I will have these twelve months of marketing lessons added to the first twelve months on the Survival Tips CD-ROM Bulletin Marketing Lessons. I can also create articles from these lessons and place them on article directory sites this will help to drive traffic to my web sites that will also help to build my e-mail list and I could also create several reports from these marketing lessons.

P.S. Please let me hear from you with any questions or comments that you may have. I want to help you learn to survive in today's over saturated market place. You can contact me by phone at: 1-412 363-7187 or e-mail at:


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