November 2009

 More on Split Testing

A while ago I gave you the results of my little split test.

When I send the issues of the Survival Tips Bulletins to my partner, Charles Norman, he looks them over to see how they read and make needed corrections.

He told me my explanation of my split test was somewhat confusing to him. So, there may be others who may also have been confused by what I was saying about the results of my split test.

Once again, split testing goes way back to the early days of direct mail and mail order. A split test in it's simplest form is testing one headline, ad or sales letter against another to see which one pulls the best results.

What I was trying to accomplish with my split test was to do the same thing with a voice mail message.

I wanted to see what method worked best for what I was trying to do. The purpose was to see if I could save money on postage.

Originally I asked callers to leave their name and address and I would send them a survey and information on a booklet they could order.  If I got one hundred requests for my information it would at least cost me $44.00 to send out the hundred pieces of mail..

But as a test I decided to try having people send for the my sales information directly from the message on my voice mailbox.  They had to send $2 or 3 stamps to receive my sales information.

By doing it the second way, I would only be sending my information to the people who were interested enough to send for the information directly from my voice mail message.

My main point here is to give you an idea of techniques that you might want to think about using in marketing your own products or services. The important thing to understand is, you have to test to find out what works best for you.

Based  on my little test  decided to continue having people to leave their name and address after they hear my message.  I would pay the postage out of my own pocket and send the information to them.  Next time I'll explain why I decided to do it this way.

Paying for Leads

Last week I told you about my split test using voice mail to collect leads.

The first group simply left their name and address.  I paid the postage and sent a one page flyer and the survey I showed you in two earlier issues. The flyer offered my 32 page booklet if the prospect was willing to send three first class stamps or two dollars. Notice, I didn't ask for both I gave the person the choice to send stamps or money.

This may seem like a small thing but some people might not keep extra stamps laying around but they are more likely to have two dollars and if they want your information they will send the two dollars. On the other hand, three stamps is a little less than two dollars and so, some people would rather send the three stamps.

I know this to be true because some people will send the stamps and others will send money.  Whatever they decide to do is fine with me because if they send the stamps, I simply use them to send them the information they requested along with a special offer. If they send money I just keep it and put it toward purchasing more postage stamps.  When I make a back end sale, I use some of the money to purchase more postage stamps, this way I don't have to go into my pocket to purchase stamps.

Getting back to the split test, I asked the second group of callers to send for the my sales information directly from the message on my voice mailbox. They had to send $2 or 3 stamps to receive the survey and booklet.

Can you see that the leads generated by the two methods above are not of equal quality?

A person gives you their name and address or e-mail to receive your sales literature or free report, but that doesn't necessarily make them a qualified lead. However, if you get that person to take action by filling out a survey and returning it to you, then you have a qualified lead. Because they were willing to take the time to fill out the survey and return it to you by snail mail or e-mail.

This also applies if you're using a squeeze page online. When you can get people to take an action, no matter how small, at least it shows that they have an interest in your information and you have a better chance of making them a customer.

The key to the success of any marketing strategy is to get people to take some kind of action that shows they have at least some interest in your offer. But remember it can take three or four steps before you actually make a sale.

So the callers that had to send for the information along with a small payment were definitely of higher quality.  They had to expend more time and money to obtain my information.

As you might have guessed I received many more leads from the group that only had to leave their name and address.  So I felt it was better for me to spend the money for postage in order to get more people on my list.

It's true the leads were less qualified, but once they were on my list I had a chance to warm them up in subsequent mailings.

Using surveys is a great way to open the door to future sales. If you set up your survey with the right questions, it allows you to find out what your potential customers are really looking for. You can then offer them exactly what they want.

Next time I'll reveal my four step marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Review

It is crucial that you understand the importance of formulating a marketing strategy. It took me years to realize that in today's crowded market place, if you don't have a clearly defined marketing strategy, you don't stand a chance of building a successful home business.

Your plan should always start with the market, not the product. You need to decide what market you want to serve.

My market is the money making opportunity market - people who want to start a low investment home based business. Right now, considering economic conditions, this is a very warm market because millions of people want to make extra money.

The truth is, there are thousands of marketers trying to sell to this market. This market breeds a lot of scammers and con artists who make things difficult for the legitimate marketer to make decent money. If I had it to do all over again, with the knowledge and experience that I have now, I would probably choose another market to sell to.

But since I've invested eighteen years of blood, sweat, tears and money into this market, I decided to help others navigate through the money making opportunity minefield.

Now, let's get into this four step marketing strategy. What you should remember as we go along here is, no matter what your market is, you need to create a marketing strategy that works for you. This is what works for me, in so far as generating qualified leads.

Now, the ultimate goal here is to build a customer base that I can sell back end products to.

Alright, my first step is to know my market. When I say "know my market", I mean know what my market wants. The best and fastest way to find out what a market wants is to ask them.

To begin this process I need to find a way to attract the people in this market to my offer.

Step two: I do this with a lead generating classified ad. My ad asks a simple question:


This question attracts the attention of a certain percentage  of the people in this market.

Step Three: These people respond to my ad by calling my voice mailbox and leaving their name and address.

Step Four: I send my flyer and survey. Those who respond to my offer become qualified leads because they took an action and answered my survey. The survey provides me with valuable information on what these people are looking for.

Through my own experience as being a part of this market, I already have a good idea what these people want. So the questions in my survey are based on my experience in this market.

Once I get a list of qualified leads, the first four steps of my marketing strategy is complete.

The Final Steps

This issue will complete my second year for these Survival Tips Bulletins. I will be adding these 52 issues to my CD-ROM with the first 52 marketing lessons. I can also turn these marketing lessons into a book and it will be a totally unique info product based on my own experience.

If you are patient and willing to take the time, this is an excellent way to create your own unique info product.

Once again, it doesn't matter what your market is, you need a way to introduce yourself to your potential customers. You should use your book as a marketing tool to help to promote the products or services that you offer to your market.

This is what I have done with these marketing lessons. This didn't cost me money but it did cost me time and as the saying goes: "Time is Money."

However, over the past two years I have also gained a wealth of experience that I can use to help others and make money at the same time.

This is the bottom line. But it's all about how you want to play the game. I firmly believe that if I can help others get what they want, I will get what I want.

I feel good about being able to help others gain a better understanding of  how to lay a solid foundation on which they can build a successful home base information selling business.

I suggest that you review these marketing lessons from time to time, there are many ideas that will help you to effectively market your products or services, especially when it comes to generating qualified leads to sell to. I also hope you have learned the value of using and leveraging the skills that you already have. It's not always about having more but you should think about doing more with what you already have...

My plans for the upcoming twelve months is to send out these Survival Tips Bulletins one issue each month. Why am I doing this? I think that I can serve you better and provide you with relevant information by taking the time to gather information that will benefit you in your marketing efforts. I think there is a lot of advertising over kill out in the market place that doesn't benefit anyone, just a lot of noise,  hype and false promises from marketers chasing a quick buck. I choose to opt out of that game. You have been receiving these marketing lessons long enough to know who I am and what I stand for and you should know by now that if you need help or have any questions, you can contact me by phone or e-mailed at any time.

You can get the reproduction rights to all 104 of these marketing lessons on CD-ROM . This means you can reproduce this CD-ROM and sell it or give it away as a free gift and all it will cost you is $7.00! However, you can only take advantage of this special offer by sending the payment to the address below. This is a physical product and will be sent to you by US mail. Just send your request to:

Gregory H Bey 7023 Hermitage St Pittsburgh PA 15208-1110 1-412 363-7187

In my upcoming monthly issues, along with some informative marketing lessons, I will be creating some special dealership offers that will give you an opportunity to make money using the same lead generating system that I am using right now. so, look forward to receiving some special offers in the months ahead.


Greg Bey  




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