Vol. 23   -   November 2011

How to Profit From Offline Marketing

Welcome to the November issue of the Straight Talk Marketing Journal. In this issue I want to talk more about offline marketing.

I've stated in past issues of this journal that I believe many online marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table because they don't do any offline marketing.

Many marketers who offer their info product as a digital download could make even more money selling hard copies of their e-books, reports, audio and DVD's.

I know online marketers don't want to go through the hassle of having to fulfill orders by having to package and send the order to the customer through the U.S. mail or by UPS.

However, many are not be aware that there are companies called fulfillment centers that will take care of delivering your product for you for a small charge.

Here's one way you can get an audio CD or DVD delivered and it will all be done for you.

You can do everything you need done right from your computer. The company is called Kunaki and it's very simple to upload your audio, video or digital product.

Kunaki will package your CD/DVD and send it to your customer for less than $2.00. There are many other companies that offer fulfillment services. Just do a search for, "Fulfillment Services" and see what might be best for your business.

Selling Your Product Offline

Here's an example of a digital product that many people reading print publications related to money making opportunities would want to buy.

It's an info product that offers quick and easy ways to raise cash now.

As a marketer of this product all you would need to do to place a small classified ad in an opportunity magazine or on Craig's List. Or you could have a post card produced and sell the CD right from the post card. Once again, this can all be done from your computer. Just do a search for, "Post Card Mailing Services."

Speaking of Postcards . . .

Even in this age of the Internet and online marketing savvy marketers are using simple postcards to generate leads for their products and services.

I receive postcards in the mail every day. Recently I received a post card that caught my eye. The headline went something like:

Make Money Giving Away Free Discount Prescription Cards

Most postcards will have a web address or phone number so that the reader can get more information about the offer or opportunity.

I called the phone number, 1-888-908-3375 to learn more about this opportunity because there are millions of people who use prescription drugs every day and I wanted to know how you could make money giving away these cards free.

I'm always on the look out for legitimate opportunities that my readers might be interested in.

When I called the number, I listened to the message but didn't leave my contact information.

But a little later I got a phone call from the marketer who had sent this post card. Her name is Johnna Griffith and she explained how the program worked and she provided me with more helpful information.

If you'd like to learn more about this opportunity, you can contact Johnna at the above number.

This is a lesson that every marketer should learn. Although I didn't leave my contact information, Johnna still followed up on my call to see if she could help me with more information about her program. She was very professional and I learned from her marketing strategy.

Using postcards can be a very effective way to market your product or service to more potential customers. You might want to do a small test to see whether it can expand your customer base.

If you want more information on how you might use postcards as a marketing tool, give me a call at: 1-412-363-7187. Don't be shy, you can call me any time, I am eager to serve you. See you next time.

Greg Bey  

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