Vol. 10  December 2010

Providing Value to Your Readers

Since this is the last month of the year, I'm going to take my own advice and glance back at the last twelve months, reviewing  what I have and have not accomplished. You might want to do the same...


First I'd like to finish up on article marketing from the last issue.

I have read that some marketers think article marketing no longer works. This is because many marketers are not getting the results they hope for when trying to sell their products, affiliate program, or build their list through article marketing.

Article marketing is NOT dead. However, the game has changed...

There was a time, not so long ago, when a person could write an article, submit it to a few article directories, and depending on how well the article was written, they would receive a fairly decent response to their article.

Now, because article marketing has become so popular as a marketing tool, there are many thousands of marketers using this low cost method to sell their products and services, and to build their list.

In order to get better results with article marketing, you'll have to adjust your tactics to give the search engines what they are presently looking for. If you'd like to learn more about how you can Super Charge your article marketing,check out this free report "The Expert Guide to Article Marketing"



At the beginning of 2010 I decided to send out this journal once each month because of all the sales pitches I was getting every day from marketers, I just didn't want to follow the crowd and risk my subscribers getting upset by continuing to hammer them with unwanted sales pitches. I just didn't like what many marketers were doing, and I wanted to see if I could send out my journal once each month and still hold on to most of my subscribers.

However, as I told you in the last issue, we had a problem with our autoresponder service so that little test didn't work out too well. I wasn't getting any new sign ups and didn't know why until this problem was discovered. By this time I think several months had passed. So for the upcoming year I will continue to publish this journal on a monthly basis to see how things work out.

I know that most marketers don't have the patience to test a project over a year. But I have found if you really want to know if something will work for the long term, you have to take the time to test it for more than one to three months. I also want to know for myself if something really works, so when I pass it along to my subscribers, they can feel confident I know what I'm talking about.

It's important to understand that when you compete in the marketplace, you need to have an edge. This will increase your credibility with your subscribers. I want to provide my subscribers with accurate information based on my own experience whenever possible.

I want to tell you the real deal - good or bad. Here's a brief story to reinforce what I'm talking about . . .


Over the past several months I have received e-mail messages from marketers who have become fed up with the current state of e-mail marketing.

If you have signed up for several e-zines, especially those related to making money online, I don't have to tell you that things have gotten way out of hand.

So much so that some of these very marketers have decided to make some serious changes in their marketing strategies.

I received an e-zine today where the marketer said that he was going to make a lot of changes in the way he was going about marketing to his list.

Of course his reason for doing this was that he saw that his e-mail messages were not being opened, and when they were, his subscribers were not responding to his offers. This is something that is taking place with many marketers. The problem is most of them don't seem to understand that it's time to make a change in the way they are marketing to their lists.

Many don't realize that the pendulum only swings so far before it has to swing back the other way.

People who are trying to learn how to make money from home from online marketers have grown tired of the same over-hyped messages flooding their in boxes day after day.

The marketer that I got the e-mail from knew that many of the offers he was making to his subscribers would not be of any real use to them. He realized that making an offer just for the sake of making a few dollars was not benefiting him or his subscribers in the long run.

This marketer saw that he was losing credibility with his subscribers. He knew he had to do something about it.

He let his subscribers know that he was going to change the way he was marketing to them. He knew he had to regain the trust of the subscribers that remained on his list

If you are a marketer who is fortunate enough to have a list, and you are sending them daily offers just to make a few bucks, you may have noticed things haven't been going too well lately.

Perhaps you should reconsider your marketing strategy, because things are changing. Your subscribers trust you enough to sign up for your e-zine. They are expecting to benefit from the helpful information that you promised.  They want you to show them how to suceed in their business. They didn't subscribe just to fill your Pay Pal or Click Bank account with money that you really don't deserve. The bottom line is you have to provide your subscribers value over time if you expect to get back anything in return.

That's it for now, I'll get to more about what I did last year in the next issue.


Greg Bey  

P.S. If you are a serious marketer looking for a little Straight Talk advice to help improve your marketing education, you can give me a call at: 1-412 734-5844 and listen to my recorded message to see if I can be of any help to you.  

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